Over the years, projects have been established to build communities over time. With INNOVACOOP, we have experts who can facilitate project development and implementations . We have different fields of expertise to properly carry out projects. Our team is able to facilitate and spear head any project for rural development. Many farmers have sustainable projects ideas. Bring these ideas to INNOVACOOP so we can develop and implement to better our society. Agribusiness Projects increase rural incomes and stimulate the rural economy through rural entrepreneurship. To achieve these objectives,  projects focus on improving sector productivity and competitiveness of agricultural products by providing assistance for the:
a) privatization of rural lands;
b) privatization and rehabilitation of select rural infrastructure;
c) improvement of human resources skills for entrepreneurship in rural areas;
d) introduction of new farming technologies consistent with food security;
e) improvement in food quality.

Project components include:
i) land reform which includes national geodetic network; cadastral surveying; and state-owned rural lands disposal policy and institutional strengthening;
ii) farm drainage rehabilitation;
iii) land use management;
iv) agricultural advisory services;
v) food quality control and veterinary laboratory;
vi) project management

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